Recall Department

Subaru Recall Department

While a recall isn't something anybody likes to have happen to their vehicle, they're much more common than you would think.

Subaru Recall Department in the Greater Columbus Area at Germain Subaru of Columbus

When a recall happens to your Subaru vehicle, the typical resolution is for a Subaru-authorized dealer and service center to receive the new, genuine OEM replacement part and replace it on your vehicle cost-free. When receiving a replacement part for a recall, you want to visit a Subaru service center with certified technicians and reliable, professional service that you can trust. At Germain Subaru of Columbus, we’re your Subaru recall source for the greater Columbus area, providing Subaru owners from as far as Grove City and Hilliard with unmatched service that you can rely on. If you're notified of an open recall on your Subaru vehicle, give us a call at Germain Subaru of Columbus. We'll work with you and the manufacturer to schedule a recall appointment, get the new parts installed, and get your vehicle back in your hands while receiving certified service from the highly-trained professionals in our Columbus, OH service department.

Subaru Recall Department
Subaru Certified Parts & Technicians

Our OEM Parts Are Just What Your Subaru Needs

When your Subaru needs any sort of replacement, it deserves the very best. When it comes to parts, OEM parts are the very best, as they’re Subaru-approved and backed by a warranty. When we use OEM parts, we’re giving you the quality that came with your car from the factory, since OEM parts are the same as those parts used to assemble your vehicle. You can always trust that an OEM part will do its job right, as it was made to do just that in your vehicle.

Certified Service Performed by Certified Technicians

It’s our pleasure to employ certified technicians at our service center because they can give you the best service and repair possible. Whenever a recall is issued, our technicians stay fully up-to-date on exactly what they need to do to fix it, so they’re always ready when you bring in your vehicle to take care of the recall. You can trust our experts to get your car into great shape again.

Why Germain Subaru of Columbus is Your Best Choice for Recall Services in Columbus, OH

While your vehicle is in for its recall service at Germain Subaru of Columbus, ask about having a complimentary multi-point inspection from one of our certified technicians. This will make sure that not only is your defective part replaced with a working, genuine OEM part, but will take a look at the overall health of your Subaru and make sure that it has sustained no other damage or issues due to the part being recalled. All service at Germain Subaru of Columbus is done by certified technicians, meaning that you can schedule any of our world-class services in addition to your Subaru recall. Don't bother paying for an open recall for your Subaru at a local mechanic, or scheduling service with uncertified technicians elsewhere. Schedule your Subaru recall service online with Germain Subaru of Columbus, and trust that your vehicle is going to receive the best possible service in the capable hands of our certified technicians.

Cost-Free Recall Services at Germain Subaru of Columbus, a Subaru Certified Service Center

To get your recall service taken care of for free, you'll need to visit a Subaru-certified service center. What better location than Germain Subaru of Columbus, your conveniently-located local Subaru service center that is equipped with the certified technicians required to get your recall done at no cost to you. Whether you're having a major replacement performed such as a defective system or a more minor recall of faulty lights, Germain Subaru of Columbus is where your Subaru needs to be to receive the service it truly deserves.

Come to Germain Subaru of Columbus for Certified Subaru Service

Local Subaru owners become loyal customers after experiencing our customer value proposition formula: provide comprehensive vehicle service according to certified Subaru quality + extraordinary no-cost conveniences = maximum service value and customer satisfaction. Check the specials page for greater service value, and then schedule service online for ultimate scheduling convenience.